2015 may be the year of divided displays

Even though there are a few number of devices which can run more than one application at the same time and display them in a divided screen, this isn’t a common feature yet.

Samsung started enabling this feature with the Galaxy Note 2, taking the advantage of its 5,5-inches display. Since then, Samsung has always put this feature in all of its “phablet” devices. Other companies only have the normal multitasking, which allows you to switch from an app to another.

The second great company to introduce this feature was Microsoft with Windows 8, and it works either for PC and tablet.

Consumers of every company are requesting to have this feature in their devices aswell, so little by little, the rest of mobile companies are introducing this feature in the software.

Will we see real multitasking in iPads and iPhones in 2015? Probably


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