The possible iPad Pro may integrate two operating systems

There are some rumors saying that iPad Pro (a new concept of an Apple device) may count with two operating systems (iOS and OS X). It is said that this product would be 12.9-inches and would be as portable as the iPad and as powerful as the MacBook Pro.

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-18 a las 15.31.56

This product is supposed to be used by app designers, who need a professional interface such as OS X to create the apps and the iOS platform to test their own apps. But this can also be used in schools, in offices, at home… It’s not strange that Apple decides to craft a device with these properties given that Microsoft’s Surface can be a laptop and a tablet at the same time but it has a unique OS, Windows 8.1.

But there are some other rumors saying that Apple would create a new operating system which can be a mix between iOS and OS X. Or just an evolution of Mac OS X taking some features from iOS, just like we’ve been seeing all over these 4 last years. Perhaps, in the future Apple will only have a unique OS for all its devices… Who knows?

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-18 a las 16.13.30

If you’d like more information of this concept I recommend to visiting this website:

So… What dow you think? Will Apple create an iPad Pro? If so, will it have both OS or just one?


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