It’s been three years today…

It’s been 3 years after Steve Jobs’ death, he left but left many things that we can still enjoy.


Apple lived one of its saddest times for the death of one of its co-founders, Steve Jobs, a month after leaving the company, in October, 2011. Since then, Tim Cook had to be ahead of Apple. More or less Tim has tried to follow Steve’s steps but with some hues.

Due to this 3rd anniversary, Tim Cook has sent a letter to his employees asking to think about how different the world is after Steve’s products:


Sunday will mark the third anniversary of Steve’s passing. I’m sure that many of you will be thinking of him on that day, as I know I will. 

I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the many ways Steve made our world better. Children learn in new ways thanks to the products he dreamed up. The most creative people on earth use them to compose symphonies and pop songs, and write everything from novels to poetry to text messages. Steve’s life’s work produced the canvas on which artists now create masterpieces. 

Steve’s vision extended far beyond the years he was alive, and the values on which he built Apple will always be with us. Many of the ideas and projects we’re working on today got started after he died, but his influence on them — and on all of us — is unmistakeable. 

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for helping carry Steve’s legacy into the future. 


But this isn’t the first time Tim mentions Steve this year. In February, on what would be Jobs’s birthday, Tim Cook posted some quotes on Twitter. So today Tim has posted another quote taken from a 2005 Stanford University commencement speech.

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-05 a las 22.54.24

Finally, I’m glad to say that Sony is preparing a movie based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs.

What do you remember from Steve? Do you still have any product presented by Steve Jobs? I have the original iPad.


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