Seems like Windows is going in the right way again

Just a few days ago Windows introduced the latest version, Windows 10, which is supposed to come out in early 2015.

The most shocking thing in that Windows has decided to name this new version “Windows 10”, why? Well, Terry Myerson said:
“After Windows 8, now would be the time for Windows 9, but we know based on the product is coming and just how different it is overall, it wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9. […] So that new Windows is Windows 10, serious that time”

This Windows is not as a huge change as they define but I personally like it more than 8 and 8.1. Windows has removed the Start Screen and has gone back to the classic desktop, just like Windows 7. So… what has happened with the tiles and other stuff? Now, the tiles are in the Start Menu, they are still animated, show the most recent notifications and we can resize, add and remove them just like on Windows 8.

In Windows 10 there’s another multitasking feature very similar to Apple’s Mission Control and it’s called Task View. We can now have many apps opened fullscreen at the same time but in different desktops. So we can add desktops or take them off.

But there’s even more in multitasking! If we want to have multiple applications and work with them at the same time and at the same desktop we can “snap” the windows. We can have up to 4 windows snapped in each desktop. Just like the picture shows:

Finally, for those who liked to use Windows 8 on tablets such as Microsoft’s Surface there’s an interesting feature, “Continuum” that allows us to change from laptop mode to tablet mode. This is explained here:

What do you think about Windows 10? Did you expect more than this?


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