What’s new on the upcoming Android L?

Android L is the future version of Android. It was announced on June 25, this year and it’s supposed to be finally released at the end of 2014. I think the “L” is for the following letter that goes after all the previous versions of Android: Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat. If Google develops a new version that doesn’t have any food name I think that means it’ll be a big change for Android.

So, let’s focus on the most important part: What’s new on Android L?
1. Better battery life and performance boost.

2. Material Design:
A complete user interface overhaul that introduces many new 3D and textual elements into Android interface. It’s made to run on mobile types of devices, including everything from your smartphone and tablet to a laptop and the TV.

3. Enhanced notifications
There’s a new notification design that will appear at the top of the screen on matter what application you’re in, letting you respond or dismiss it. Also, there’s a new class of notifications in Android L called “Heads-up Notifications”.

4. New lockscreen
The lockscreen will show notifications. Swipe up to unlock (unless you’ve got a pattern), swipe right for the dialer or swipe left to access to the camera.

5. Quick settings
Swipe down from the top once you are already at the notification panel.

6. Recent apps 
The recent apps menu shows the applications like a Google Now Card and the recents apps flow on a sort of carousel and finally the apps can be swiped off to either side to close them just as before.

These new features and more are coming with the new Android update. Do you like how Android L looks? I personally like it but I don’t have any device compatible with this version.


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