Nowadays everybody who has used internet once knows what Google is. It has become the most used internet service in just 16 years! How is that possible?

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Everything started on September 17, in 1998 in a garage…? Ok, maybe not. The “Google” idea started to grow up since Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to sort the information on the Internet. After the web searcher, Google has given us lots of things such as Google Maps, Google Translator, Android OS for smartphones and tablets, YouTube (the most important video platform ever, even though YouTube wasn’t invented by Google)…

Google has given us many things, but on the other hand there are many other things that we don’t do now. Google hasn’t taken them away, we let them go. Things like: “Excuse me, where’s that place? Nowadays a person is not lost anymore unless he or she has not got a mobile phone with internet connection and Google Maps. Before, when two people were arguing about something, these intense arguments used to end in a draw, and now we just search the right answer on Google and there’s always a winner… It’s just not the same as before.

There are some famous quotes about Google that I like:

“If it isn’t on Google it doesn’t exist.” – Jimmy Wales

“I don’t need to Google myself.” – Nicki Minaj

“My mind works like Google for images. You put the key word; it brings up the pictures.” – Temple Grandin

“You are whoever Google says who you are.” – Unknown


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