The Macintosh, Steve’s second big success

Steve presented the new and revolutionary Macintosh on January 24, 1984. Just a year after Apple’s Lisa. The Macintosh presentation is one of the most important close to the iPhone presentation, so it’s good to have a look: 

But I have to say that in this video is not the complete presentation, just the highlights, where Steve Jobs explains what’s new on Macintosh and what it can do.

Macintosh had some amazing features for that time: It had 128 KB of RAM, it was smaller than any other computer and lighter. So small and light that in its presentation Steve took the Macintosh out from a bag that he had brought before up to the stage. Then Steve introduced a floppy drive disk inside the computer and it started to talk. People just couldn’t believe what was happening! Apple Macintosh was a personal computer to use in the office for writing and editing documents and it was also useful for design. But if you prefered you could use it at home!

Apple made a famous TV ad that lets people decide which computer was more sophisticated: a normal highly sophisticated business computer or the Macintosh. Here you have the ad: 

After 30 years there are still some Macintoshes in the world, they are now so precious that I’m happy to say that one of my friends still owns one of them!


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