The Apple Lisa, the first great success by Apple

This computer was officially presented on January 19, 1983 and came out after 5 years of development. This machine cost 9995$.

Steve Jobs and his team were inspired to do this project when they visited the Xerox PARC in 1979 and met Xerox’s two great products: Xerox Alto and Xerox Star 8010. The revolutionary device to control the Xerox’s interface (the mouse) surprised Steve Jobs and he was excited to import this idea to Apple. Then Apple designed its own user interface and made it compatible with the mouse.

You might not know where the name “Lisa” came from: Firstly Steve said that it was the acronym for “Local Integrated System Architecture” but most people thought that this acronym was invented by Steve to fit his first daughter’s name Lisa Nicole. Lisa Nicole was born in 1978, just the same year as the Apple Lisa started its development. Coincidence or not? Decades later, Jobs told his biographer: “Obviously it was named for my daughter”


Here you can see how’s an Apple Lisa! It’s not as big as the Xerox Alto, huh? I think it’s amazing how different a computer can be in just a few years.

And finally, here you can check out how did Apple Lisa work:


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